Monday, 16 September 2013


I listened and watched Paranormal Activity 3 trailer. I would say it is for adults because there was scenes of violence but also is for teenagers with parents approval to watch the film. The sound that the trailer uses is audio to build tension. At the beginning of the trailer it was all nice and happy familys.I know this because they were all laughing and joking around. In the middle it was starting to jump scene to scene and get loader. Throught the middle the audio was getting loader to build tension.At the end it was scary because all the violent scenes happened and at the very end it goes all quite, then a paranormal figure pops up at the camra. It was good at using sound because it used the audio from the film and also it was using background music. The trailer was trying to get you to watch the actually film and in my opinion it worked. The reason I think this is because it used not all the good scenes but most of them. That made me want to watch the full movie to see all the good scenes throughout the movie. In addition, the makers of the film trailer used sound in the trailer well  because it had a mixture of audio from the actual film and back ground music to build tension to the scary bits.

sound variables

Sound has come in many ways. For example, sound is audio and audio is in film trailers and on various websites. You can also make sound by banging things together or just by talking. Sound is everywhere.